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Online Employee Insurance Broker Serving Marquette, MI

MI E-Benefits is a fully online employee insurance broker. We provide group insurance benefits for small and medium businesses in Marquette, MI, and other cities throughout the state.

As an online broker, MI E-Benefits streamlines the research, shopping, education, and enrollment processes for Marquette businesses looking for employee insurance benefit programs. We make it easy to transfer an existing service or start a new plan with just your desktop computer or mobile device.

MI E-Benefits serves both the upper and lower peninsulas of our home state of Michigan. Unlike national insurance companies, we have a unique understanding of the Great Lakes State that allows us to better serve our clients.

We understand the challenges that small and mid-sized Michigan businesses face when trying to find group insurance benefits for their employees. You can count on MI E-Benefits to provide unparalleled client support for your business.

We offer the following services to companies in Marquette, MI:

Choose the Best Group Insurance for Your Marquette Business

Historic industries such as mining, quarrying, agriculture, oil and gas extraction, and forestry have shaped the economic development of Marquette. However, newer industries have also gained a foothold in recent years. In today’s economy, most workers in Marquette have jobs in:

Large employers have maintained a steady presence in Marquette, but that doesn’t mean small and medium-sized businesses aren’t flourishing as well. Since 2012, economic development in Marquette County has focused on the economic practice of “gardening” locally-grown businesses as opposed to luring larger employers from outside of the area. 

If you’re a small business owner in Marquette, MI E-Benefits can help you find the right group insurance package for your team, regardless of what industry you work in. We offer a unique online experience that allows you to explore insurance quotes for medical, dental, vision, and other plans.

Our Four-Step Online Process

MI E-Benefits helps companies in Marquette and other cities in Michigan find the right insurance by following these four simple steps:


Provide your company information, and we will analyze which benefit plans are best for your company.



get employee benefit s for your company

We answer all of your questions and recommend the best options for your employees.



Choose the best benefits for your people, and we will handle everything to get your group insurance up and running.



We are here to answer all of your questions and provide service anytime you need it.

Our virtual team can help you transfer an existing program or start a new plan.

You don’t have to delay your search by however many weeks it takes to find some free time for an in-person meeting. MI E-Benefits allows you to analyze, enhance, and enroll into competitive employee benefit programs through a fully online process.

If you require assistance, our experienced customer service representatives are just a phone call away.

Get a Quote for Your Marquette Business

MI E-Benefits is an online insurance brokerage company serving Marquette, MI. We have strategic partnerships with such carriers as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Prudential, Humana, and other reputable companies so we can offer you the best group insurance quotes for your business.

To transfer or start a new program, call MI E-Benefits at (833) 921-2888, or get started online today.