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Online Employee Insurance Broker Serving Escanaba, MI

As an online insurance broker, MI E-Benefits provides group insurance benefits for small to mid-sized businesses. We offer employee coverage in Escanaba, MI, as well as other cities throughout the state of Michigan.

MI E-Benefits makes it simple to transfer an existing program or start a new plan with just your desktop computer or mobile device. Our fully online service allows you to assess plans, enroll employees, and activate your benefits with ease.

Our Four-Step Online Process

MI E-Benefits offers a unique online experience that lets small business owners explore insurance quotes for medical, dental, vision, and more. We help companies in Escanaba and other towns in Delta County find the right benefits for their employees by following these four steps:



Provide your company information, and we will analyze which benefit plans are best for your company.



get employee benefit s for your company

We answer all of your questions and recommend the best options for your employees.



Choose the best benefits for your people, and we will handle everything to get your group insurance up and running.



We are here to answer all of your questions and provide service anytime you need it.

With MI E-Benefits, you won’t have to delay your search for benefits by weeks or even months to schedule an in-person meeting with an insurance agent. Our fully virtual team can help you transfer an existing service or start a new plan on your schedule. If you require assistance, our experienced customer service representatives are just a phone call away.

MI E-Benefits is proud to call the great state of Michigan our home. We understand the unique challenges that small and medium businesses face in both the upper and lower peninsulas of the Great Lakes State when trying to find employee insurance benefits. You can count on us to provide quality client support for your business that national companies simply can’t compete with.

We offer the following services to companies in Escanaba, MI:

Get the Right Employee Insurance for Your Escanaba Business

Historically, iron ore mines and paper mills dominated the local economy of Escanaba, MI. These days, newer industries have joined Escanaba’s economic landscape, including:

Large industries that have been around for decades may be confident in their group insurance plans, but small and medium businesses in Escanaba don’t always have the same resources to ensure they’re getting the best plans for the best prices. If you’re a small business owner in Escanaba, MI E-Benefits can help you find the right group insurance package for your team.

Get a Quote for Your Escanaba Business

MI E-Benefits is an online insurance brokerage company serving Escanaba, MI. We have strategic partnerships with such carriers as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Prudential, Humana, and other reputable companies so we can offer you the best group insurance quotes for your small business.

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