MIEB is a fully online employee benefits agency, developed to address the growing need for a simplified employee benefit shopping, enrollment, and administrative service.

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MI E-Benefits is Michigan’s first safety conscious, socially distant virtual benefits agency.

While conceived under the mission of simply streamlining the research, shopping, education, and enrollment of employee benefit programs, MI E-Benefits allows you to fully manage your employee benefits program through the safety of your fingertips.

MI E-Benefits goes well beyond the market research and electronic enrollment of your benefit programs. The ongoing customer support has been specifically designed to address the unique needs of both the employer as well as the end-user of the benefit plans: your valued employees and their families.


Employer Concerns, FIXED!

  • Budget
  • Provider accessibility
  • Overall plan value
  • Meaningful, long-term plan strategies
  • A wide selection of industry-leading insurance carriers
  • Super simple, fully automated open enrollment process
  • ERISA compliant plan documents
  • Compliance, compliance, compliance
  • Super responsive employer service
  • A benefits team that cares as much about your employees as you do

Employee Concerns, FIXED!

  • Finally, understandable benefit plan education
  • Simplified enrollment process
  • Tips and useful apps to get the most out of MI E-Benefits plans
  • Super responsive claim service
  • A benefits team that cares as much about you as your employer does

MI E-Benefits is here for you and your employees today and throughout the entirety of each plan year. We strive to achieve mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships with every one of our valued clients. We achieve this by holding up our end, by giving you our word and treating your team like family. If virtual had a heart, it would be through MI E-Benefits!

Thank you for the opportunity to serve your team.

Mike DiLorenzo

Founder of MI E-Benefits